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Universes are primarily a Business/Commercial feature. Regular users usually won't be able to use it.

Universes, provide a way to separate your Resonite sessions from the regular population of Resonite.

When using a universe:

  • Users not in your universe will not be able to see your Sessions
  • Users in your universe will not be able to see Sessions from other universes or the regular Resonite session list.

Use Cases

Resonite Universes are suitable for the following use cases:

  • Education
  • Business & Government uses
  • Research

Creating a Universe

If you're interested in Universes, please use our Contact Form.


Universes have two important properties:

  • Name - The Name of the universe
  • ID - The ID of the universe

Known Universes

The majority of Universes are private for Resonite's Business customers. Therefore they are not listed here. If any public ones are created we'll list them here.

Switching to a Universe

To run Resonite from a specific Universe, you'll need to utilize a Startup Config File. Inside the configuration file, the universeId property must be set to the ID of the universe you would like to be in.


Below is a sample configuration file that will enter a user into the Universe with the ID "123-456":

  "universeId": "123-456"


When using universes, it is recommended to use Command Line Arguments#Misc to allow you to selectively choose if a Resonite session is in a particular universe. Of particular note the "-EngineConfig" allows you to specify a path to a config file.

Using this argument, you can create several configuration files for specific use cases, for example:

  • UniversityConfig.json - Starts you in a Universe for a University.
  • GovernmentConfig.json - starts you in a Universe for a Government.

You can then use shortcuts that can be placed on your desktop that run Resonite using those configuration files.

Once this is setup, you'll be able to launch into various universes and the regular Resonite population through selecting which shortcut to run Resonite with.