Context menu

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A default Resonite context menu.
The context menu

The Context Menu is a core UI that changes it options depending on tools you equip, objects you hold, and many other contextual situations.


The Context Menu can be opened by pressing your context menu button, the context menu button varies depending on your controller. The Context Menu will stay open until you either click a button that closes the menu or you move your hand a certain distance away from the menu. By default the Context Menu will contain a few options at all times:

  • Locomotion: The locomotion sub-menu will allow you to switch between the world's supplied locomotion modules.
  • Scaling Disabled/Enabled: Enabling self scale will allow the user to change their user scale.
    • Reset Scale: While scaled the player can hit the reset scale button to go back to their default user scale.
  • Laser Disabled/Enabled: Enables and disables the laser that is projected from the users tool anchor.
  • Undo: Undoes the player's most recent undo-able action.
  • Redo: Redoes the player's most recent redo-able action.