Custom Shaders

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Resonite currently does not support any form of Custom Shaders.

This includes items like:


There are many reasons we can't support these shaders right now:

  1. Resonite rendering system is not stable.
    • Resonite is trying to move away from Unity and towards Sauce for the Renderer for Resonite. This means that a lot of graphical decisions/features/limitations are in limbo or subject to change.
  2. We cannot support custom Unity Shaders
    • As we're moving away from Unity, we will unable to ever support Unity custom shaders.
  3. Safety
    • We do have many of the same concerns that you'd see on other platforms. Things like:
      • Crashing Shaders
      • Malicious Shaders (Flashing, Loud, Disruptive)
    • Would be possible on Resonite too and we want to avoid that when we can.
  4. Compatibility including Backwards Compatibility
    • Resonite prides itself on Backwards Compatibility, items that were made years ago still work today. Part of this is due to Resonite's commitment to engineering things in a backwards compatible way. Any form of custom shaders needs to have this capability.

Plan for Custom Shaders

The plan for custom shaders it to combine Sauce and ProtoFlux to achieve a node-based shader system within Resonite. You'd be able to create and manage shaders using ProtoFlux nodes.


If you'd like to track the items required to make Custom Shaders a possibility you can follow these GitHub Items:


When it comes to Resonite and custom shaders, the lack of support of them can turn some users away. However, with the right setups, knowledge and time you can get a look very similar to popular custom shaders from other platforms.

The advice currently is to try and experiment with Resonite's existing shaders and technology to get a similar look and feel.

Usually when users want custom shaders, they are looking for animated textures or a special effect. Resonite already has this with its existing shaders in the form of either rendering materials on top of one another or driving material parameters with flux.