Headless Server Software

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At the Discoverer, Patreon tier and above. You'll gain access to our Headless Server Software.

The Headless Server Software is a version of Resonite that lacks a graphical user interface, allowing it to run efficiently in scenarios where rendering is not needed. It is common to use this software to run events or sessions for larger communities or events.

You can run the software on Windows and Linux.


We have some overloaded terminology in this area so for clarity, the following items essentially mean the same thing:

  • Headless Server Software
  • Headless Server
  • Headless Client
  • Headless


Headless Servers created using the Headless Server Software are hosted by You, we do not host them for you.

In the future, Resonite does intend to explore offering hosted sessions that are operated and hosted by Resonite.