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The Inventory

Dashboard on the "inventory" tab, showing a single folder named "Resonite essentials". On the top of the page, multiple buttons described below are available.

The inventory menu is essential to the Resonite experience. It allows you to save and browse objects, including tools, avatars, decorations, and so forth. You can also manage your favorites, such as your default avatar and your home world.

Your inventory is a lot like your computer's filesystem. Items can be organized into folders, and folders can contain other folders. To spawn an item or enter a folder, double click it with your laser. Single-clicking will select the item, allowing you to do various things with it:

Currently you are unable to move items between folders; you can achieve this by spawning an item and saving it again in the new folder, then deleting it from the old.


Button Name Use
Button with the "Equip text" having a small icon of a purple person walking icon Equip Avatar Equips the selected avatar instantly, destroying your old avatar in the process
Button with hthe "Open World" text with a small white circle and green arrow pointing up icon Open World With a saved world orb selected, this button will open that world using default settings.
Button with the text "Spawn Facet" and a small icon of an open cardboard box having a green arrow coming out of it icon Spawn Facet Spawns the selected Facet into your userspace, allowing you to place it into your Dash Menu. This cannot be done from a public folder; the item must be in your own inventory or in Resonite Essentials.
Button with the text "Set Avatar" with an orange pin iconButton with the text "Set Home" with an orange pin icon Set Default Avatar / Set Default Home For an avatar, makes it your default whenever you spawn in a world. For a world, makes it your Cloud Home. You can also set defaults for other items such as keyboards, cameras, and even media players with similar buttons.
Button with the text "Inventories" with a three white lines icon Show Accessible Inventories Displays the inventories you have access to, specifically any shared groups. Choose "Personal" to return to your own inventory.
Button with the text "Share" with a green post letter icon Share Folder Spawns a physical link to the selected folder and marks any items inside it as public; see Public Folders.
Button with the text "Unshare" with a red lock icon Make Private "Unshares" anything that has been made public (folders or items)
Button with the text "Get Url" with a chain icon Get Item URL Copies the resrec url for an item to your clipboard. If the item is public (due to being shared in a Public Folder) other users can paste this url in-game to spawn the item.
Button with the text "Delete" with a red trash bin icon Delete Item/Folder Destroys the selected item after a double-press.
Button with the text "Save avatar" having an icon of a person near a green arrow Save Current Avatar Saves your currently-worn avatar to the folder you're currently in.
Button with the text "Create folder" with a blue floppy iconButton with the text "Save Held" with a blue floppy icon Create Folder / Save Held Item Without an item held, this creates a new folder. With an item held, this button saves the item you're holding to the current folder.


All accounts start with 1 Gigabyte (GB) of storage space by default for saving their own avatars, worlds, and other objects, and can be increased by supporting Resonite's patreon.

Some things to note about storage allocation and functionality:

  • Duplicates of a saved item will only increment the necessary storage amount needed for the updated parts on a saved item. (Ex: Adding a hat to an avatar will only save the additional storage for that hat's data.)
  • The "Resonite Essentials" folder that is available on all accounts does not contribute to your active storage usage.
  • Shared folders from other community members will allow you to access the contents without contributing to your own storage allocation. Keep in mind, if a public folder shared by a user is unshared, it will no longer allow access to the content within.

Resonite Essentials

Dashboard "Inventory" tab displaying an in-folder view with a red "back" button. The contents of the folder are described below.

The Resonite Essentials public folder is maintained by the Resonite Team and has folders for things like assets (3D models, textures, materials, and the Dawn modular building set), avatars, facets, tools, and more. This folder is automatically added to every Resonite account and does not contribute to your overall storage accumulation.

The world-submission pedestal, a mirror, and the default camera are found in the top level of the folder.

Resonite Tools

Dashboard "Inventory" tab displaying an in-folder view of the "Tools" folder. Its contents are described below.

These are some of the default tools you will need, want, or use when your trying to interact or build things within Resonite. There is a separate page on Tools for further information.

You may come across more tools while exploring Resonite such as various MultiTools that combine multiple tools into one; these are community tools made by various groups or individuals in the community and are not officially supported by the Resonite Team.