Multi Language UI

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Resonite supports multiple languages through the use of crowd-sourced translation files.

How to Use

By default, Resonite uses your system's language to determine which locale to use as default, and you will be asked to select your preferred one on 1st startup. You can change the language by going to Settings, User Interface, Locale, pressing Select Locale and choosing a different language.

Manually replacing locale files generally isn't needed as they are updated with the game, but can be helpful for testing updated translations before they are included in a new build. This tutorial covers how to manually update locale files.


Name Code URL
Czech cs
German de
British English en-gb
English en
Esperanto eo
Spanish es
Estonian et
Finnish fi
French fr
Hungarian hu
Icelandic is
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Dutch nl
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-br
Russian ru
Swedish sv
Thai th
Turkish tr
Simple Chinese zh-cn
Traditional Chinese zh-tw

How to Contribute

If you wish to contribute to the translation of a language, read over the readme on the Locale Github for information on the proper procedures.