Permission System

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What is the Permission System?

Resonite Permissions is the forefront of what a User can use to protect themselves in a session but allow for worlds to be set in whichever way you as a creator deem it so. It lets you have things from social worlds to game worlds, to even experiences.

Permission Roles

Under the Permission System there are roles called

  • Admin -> Full Control of the Session and World
  • Builder -> Full Control of the World
  • Moderator -> Partial Control of the Session for Moderation Purposes
  • Guest -> Will generally have some powers such as a grabbing, interacting, or spawning in the world
  • Spectator -> A Spectator they will generally not be able to do anything except be there and exist

Permission Tools

Underneath the Users Tab in the Permission Settings there is a list of options you as an elevated User can do depending on your control of the session. You can do things such as:

  • Kick -> Removes User from the session temporarily
  • Ban -> Bans the User from the current Session
  • Silence -> Mutes the user for everyone in the Session
  • Alter Permission -> Promoting or Demoting users depending on the situation