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If you use plugins you will not be able to join other players, unless they have the same plugins as you.

Programming within / while playing Resonite right now requires ProtoFlux, but that isn't the only option. Resonite has a Plugin system which you can use.

A plugin is a compiled Assembly / DLL written in C# that can be loaded into Resonite at runtime.

Plugin Guidelines

When creating a Plugin please keep the following in mind:

  • Plugins must not enable players, including yourself to bypass Guidelines.
    • This includes: Asset Theft, Harassment etc.
  • Plugins should follow the general principle of "Do No Harm"

Plugin Limitations

Plugins are limited in several ways right now:

  1. If you use plugins you will not be able to join other players, unless they have the same plugins.
  2. There is no built-in distribution system. You are in charge of distribution
  3. Plugins may break in between builds of Resonite and therefore require frequent updates.

Writing a Plugin

Please see How To Write Plugins for an in depth guide.

Double check the links/resources section below for additional resources.

Using / Testing a Plugin

When running Resonite with a plugin you must use Command Line Arguments.

The Command Line Argument -LoadAssembly <path> will load additional Assemblies / DLLs when used to launch Resonite.

Plugin Recommendations

Firstly, double check, if you need a plugin. Most common scenarios can be done within Resonite using ProtoFlux or Components. These items might seem scary for newer users but their possibilities are quite endless. Common things that might need plugins include:

  • Integration of Third Party Hardware or Devices - You can potentially use WebSockets or HTTP for this, but if not a plugin may be needed
  • Research / Science Applications - If your scenario requires some advanced integration with a science/educational background one may be needed
  • Automation - If you need to automate a process within Resonite such as batch processing of assets or data

Resources / Links

Open Source Plugins

Feel free to add any open source Resonite plugins here!