ProtoFlux:Begin Undo Batch

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Begin Undo Batch

A begin undo batch is used to batch together every undo step called after it, like Create Spawn Undo Step, Create Field Undo Step, and Create Undo Reference Step to name a few from the ProtoFlux Undoable Category.

The node will create an undo step in the context menu of the person who the impulse came from.

This node needs to be ended with a End Undo Batch, to batch together every undo step call after this node and before the end undo batch node. The other nodes undo steps can be put between the begin and end undo batch nodes, but is not recommended.

The undo step descriptions between these nodes will be ignored.


Input (Call)

Start the undo batch.

Description (String)

The description for this undo batch. The description will be automatically prepended with "Undo" in bigger text in the context menu.


Output (Continuation)

The undo steps to batch with this undo batch followed by an End Undo Batch.