ProtoFlux:Create Undo Batch

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Create Undo Batch

The Create Undo Batch node wraps the entire concept of an undo batch as an event. What this means is that you can put this at the start after a Begin Undo Batch node, and let it create the remaining undo batch actions you give it, then from the Continuation, you can do something special using flux (For example, letting the user know that an undo is ready to be used).

when this node is paired with an Undo Batch, it's description if has one, will be ignored, and will be part of the Undo Batch's undo step instead.


* (Call)

Calls an impulse to create an undo batch notification, wrapping it together as an event for "OnCreated" to fire later.

Description (String)

The description for this undo batch. The description will be automatically prepended with "Undo" in bigger text in the context menu.


Create (Call)

Fires to create the upcoming undo batch.

OnCreated (Continuation)

Fires then the undo batch has created completely.