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Fire On True
Using this node with Local User or no input will cause it to fire on the user where the value was changed. If you want it to fire for every user use a Local Fire On True node.
Using this node with a local value can cause unintended side-effects like missing/superfluous impulses and performance issues as every local change will incur network traffic. Instead use a Local Fire On True node.

Fire On True Nodes will only fire if the OnlyForUser (User) provided has seen the value on their local machine turns True.

When this node triggers from the OnlyForUser (User) provided it can be used to execute code that requires the impulse be from a specific user. This is useful for things like:

  • changing world properties
  • physics
  • cloud variables
  • other Local User sensitive nodes.


OnlyForUser (User)

The User that should monitor the provided Condition (bool).

Determining the Owner of the Impulse

When this node is used the user who fires the impulse is determined using the following steps:

  1. If the OnlyForUser (User) property is set to ProtoFlux:Local User, fire for all users in a session.
  2. If the OnlyForUser (User) property is not null only fire for this user.
  3. If the Node is parented under a User, fire only for that user.
  4. Otherwise fire for all users in a session.

Condition (bool)

The bool that should be monitored by the provided OnlyForUser (User).


OnChanged (Call)

Fires when the provided OnlyForUser (User) sees the provided Condition (bool) turn true.

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