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ProtoFlux Node
Woah, globals
This page is meant for wiki editors to have a standard, this node doesn't actually exists in Resonite; instead look at the ProtoFlux category for documentation!

This page shows an example of a ProtoFlux node page. Do not hesitate to look at the source of this page and use it as a template. If using this page as a template, you will need to remove the tags <nowiki></nowiki> around the category part at the bottom.

ProtoFlux node pages are using the ProtoFlux module to generate the visuals.

When a new page for a node is created, the name of the wiki page needs to follow ProtoFlux:I Am A Flux Node. In this example, the node would appear as IAmAFluxNode in the ProtoFlux node browser.

Currently, the system in place for dealing with nodes that can have a select few different inputs/outputs is to label the connector in the page with a "Pseudo-Generic" type. Then give the ProtoFlux module on the page the type "Dummy" like on this page. Lastly list or describe the types it can take.

If the colors on the node UI look wrong, then your type is spelled incorrectly. You can take a look at Type Color Examples for a list of types and colors. Asking the discord or looking at other pages on how to spell it is fine.

If the node has an input/output that takes any type, give the ProtoFlux module on the page the type "Dummy" like on this page. Then label the connector on the page with a "Generic" type.

If a Non generic type is used for an input, please link it like the Woah Globals section title below Please remember, [[Type:ValueNameHere|ValueNameHere]] not [[Types:ValueNameHere|ValueNameHere]]

When making examples, please use FluxShot to make your example images.

With nodes that have a set number of different types, please add a section like this:

This node has the following variants, with their respective outputs:


Variant Node Type some condition here another condition here
Example ProtoFlux Node (float) Example ProtoFlux Node Float 99.69 8.420
Example ProtoFlux Node (int) Example ProtoFlux Node Int 88 6


Input (Call)

This is the description for the input.

Dummy (Pseudo-Generic)

I am an input that has X done to it.
Example inputs: type1, type2, type 5,000,000,000


Output (Continuation)

This is the description for the output.


Woah Globals (User)

This is the description of the global.


Put example pics here in a gallery.