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The different ProtoFlux nodes in the ProtoFlux Node Browser as seen in Resonite.

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Main nodes

Category Summary
Actions Writing, shifting, and animating values.
Assets Loading, attaching, reading, and sampling assets.
Audio Playing Entire Sounds.
Avatars Working with User body parts, and Anchors.
Casts Casting Nullables/Values into Objects.
Colors Colors, ColorChannels, Color Math.
Components Getting/Setting an IComponent's Enabled state, Get User From Component.
Core Core nodes like displays, inputs, and casting values from float3 to float2.
Debug Useful for telling you where, what, or how fast something is. Like a debug menu.
Devices Keyboards, haptics, display, and mouse input/output interaction.
Enums Converting to/from and cycling Enums.
Experimental Bleeding edge flux nodes that are in alpha phase. Here be dragons.
Flow Async, events, triggers, program flow control.
Interaction Events regarding interactions with UI's/Objects/buttons/grabbables/context menu.
Locomotion Reading, changing, and installing a user's locomotion module.
Math Complex math nodes like Trigonometry, Geometry, Interpolation and too many more to list here.
Media Playing, Stopping, Scrubbing, and measuring playable media like AnimJ and Audio.
Network Twitch API, Websockets, GET and POST Web requests, and URI/URL operations.
Nodes Packing/Unpacking nodes. What most community made node managers use.
Operators Simple math types like adding, dividing, (un)packing, vectors, boolean logic gates.
Physics Collisions, All Character Physics, Raycasting.
References Getting Field pointers, Spawned User, RefIDs, and an Element's Removal Status.
Rendering Baking, flashing meshes, rendering camera views, and raycast color sampling.
Security User Join Verifying.
Slots Adding, Removing, Reading, Traversing, and getting info on Slots in the world.
Strings Many Different functions for Modifying Strings and Characters.
Time Working with delta time, DateTime, TimeSpan, and TimeZones.
Tools Equipping, Using, and reading Tool usage or lack thereof.
Transform Working with Coordinate spaces, directions, and bounding boxes.
Undo Adding Undo actions for a User for one or more world changes.
Users World defined attributes for a User (Type) like FPS, Ping, and Slots.
Utility (De)multiplexing, Binary (de)composition, Type's Color/ID, GUID, and pick random.
Variables Variables, DynamicVariables, Cloud Variables.
World World attributes like URI/URL, visibility, name, focusing and opening worlds.

Misc nodes

Node Name Description
Function Proxy A type of node that allows for calling of Sync Delegates and returns data.
Method Proxy A type of node that allows for calling of Sync Delegates.


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