ProtoFlux:Asset Load Progress

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Asset Load Progress is a node that allows for the reading on weither or not a user has loaded an asset. This node takes a UsersAssetLoadProgress`1 component and allows for the extraction of the load progress of a certain User.

This can be highly useful in controlling the execution or visibility of content in a world or item. You can use this to control if a user is allowed to continue with something, interact with something, or see something.

The provided Tracker (UsersAssetLoadProgress`1) component is where the asset is referenced.


Tracker (UsersAssetLoadProgress`1)

The UsersAssetLoadProgress`1 component to use for tracking an asset's load progress

User (User)

The User to check loading progress and status on for the provided Tracker (UsersAssetLoadProgress`1).


DownloadProgress (Float? (Nullable`1))

The download progress a User (User) has on the Tracker (UsersAssetLoadProgress`1), or null if they don't exist or they haven't started downloading yet.

LoadState (Asset Load State)

The load state of the Tracker (UsersAssetLoadProgress`1) for the provided User (User)