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Data Model Store

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A Data Model Store will allow writes to it that will persist across contexts, allowing for another impulse or script to read the variable later and act on it. This is good for storing your final value after a massive calculation as a value for a smaller drive script. If a Data Model Store is written to multiple times in a Impulse, the last value is the value that gets networked to other users. Data model stores can be read much later, and will even keep and save their value when an item is saved.

The visual on this page is not a good representation of the node's appearance in game at the moment.

The node in game has a string in the center that can be edited like a text field. This text field actually just renames the slot of the protoflux node, and will populate with the node's name when unpacked. This is useful for naming your variables, and should have no downsides. As such, never assume this node will have their slot name contain this node's type or something similar.

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