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The Resonite Team is hard at work making Resonite better. To that end we haven't come up with a formal roadmap yet. We do plan on creating a proper one soon.

However, we do have a couple of items that you might want to know about. These items are presented on this page for transparency and communication.

May 2024 Updates to Major Features

After work was completed on the Settings re-launch, Resonite conducted a Survey. To ask the community which of the remaining items from the November 2023 Announcement.

The survey chose, Performance as the next main focus.

November 2023 Major Features Announcement

On our discord, Frooxius listed the next three major features that we'll be working on [1]:

Both items are links to GitHub discussions where you can read more.

Prime's Work Board

ProbablePrime has made a public GitHub board of what they're working on. You can follow along.

Froox's fun "feel good" issues

Frooxius has made a public GitHub board of fun stuff they are working on or planning to.

The settings system & UI rework backlog

With the current rework of the settings system, a GitHub Project has been created to track most issues related to it.

Other features

External Projects

Some projects are highly related to Resonite but technically external items, if you're interested on information on those you can follow along on those pages: