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Data preset is a component that is useful for switching a list of values to a predetermined set, hence the name.

Component image 
Data Preset component as seen in the Scene Inspector


Name Type Description
persistent Bool Determines whether or not this item will be saved to the server.
UpdateOrder Int Controls the order in which this component is updated.
Enabled Bool Controls whether or not this component is enabled.
IsActive raw output of Bool Indicates that all the presets in Entries have been applied. Cannot be driven.
Entries direct SyncRelayList`1<IDataPresetEntry> A list of data preset references and values.


Each entry in the list of Entries is a DataPresetReference<T> or a DataPresetValue<T>. These may be added manually, or, if the DataPresetReferences and DataPresetValues are components in this slot or child slots, the Add All Children button will add them for you (replacing any existing list).

Each entry consists of the value or reference, plus a target field.

The Set Active button applies all values and references to their respective target fields.

The only way to programmatically apply the preset is to use a ProtoFlux Tool, grab the SetActive() Delegate, and press the "Proxy" button in your Context Menu, then feed a Call into the node.


Using with clothes to make presets of clothing toggle combinations.

using it with Dynamic Blendshape Driver Component to clear invalid blendshapes in the list.

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