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Decrements take Variable (Variable Pseudo-generic) as a global, and will decrease the value that Variable (Variable Pseudo-generic) points to by 1.

Keep in mind this node will only work if given variables that can be decremented. Trying to decrement a non numeric value like a Boolean or an Enum will not work.

Decrements are a way to change a specified value without driving it. Instead you can use Decrements to change a value in a similar fashion to changing the value through the inspector. Using Decrements helps with performance too, since the values provided to the node only evaluate for one game tick while the node is being impulsed vs a driver which evaluates every game tick. This can also be used to reduce the amount of times code is evaluated. If you have to search the entire root for your code to find a slot and then do an operation, using Decrements with your operations will help with performance since you're only searching once and not every single game tick.

When it comes to Decrements, you can drag any matching typed source onto the Variable field to set that as the variable target. When you want to write to a Local Variable Store, Data Model Variable Store, or a Store Variable Store, you can grab the Variable field on Decrements nodes and then choose the one you want in your context menu. This can save considerable time spent trying to find the type you want in another node menu.

If you just need to subtract 1 to your value using pure data, use the Value Dec node instead.

If you need to subtract more than 1 from your value, use the Sub node instead.


* (Call)

Call this to write the value.


OnWritten (Continuation)

sends an impulse after * (Call) has been impulsed and the value pointed to by Variable (Variable Pseudo-generic) has been decremented.

OnFail (Continuation)

sends an impulse after * (Call) has been impulsed and the value wasn't able to be decremented due to a missing target or Variable (Variable Pseudo-generic) not pointing to a valid IValue`1.


Variable (Variable Pseudo-generic)

The numeric Variable to decrement by 1.