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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
Everyone regardless of their status in Resonite can edit the wiki.

The Resonite Wiki is a community project. Thank you for all your help and contributions! We are a tiny team and maintaining it wouldn't be possible without you.

Any contributions are welcome and wanted. Please edit away!

Getting Started

To get started editing the wiki, you'll need to:

  1. Create a Resonite Wiki Account
  2. Verify your email
  3. Get "Automoderated"

Creating a Resonite wiki account

A Resonite Wiki account is free and quick to set-up. Just go to the Create account page and fill in the form. You do not need to enter your real name into the Real Name field. This field is just a "display name".

You will also be asked a Captcha question whose answer should be immediately obvious. If it's not look around particularly at our footer. It's there to protect against spam registrations.

Verifying your email

After registration, we'll email you to confirm your email address. Check your emails and look for one from "". If you find the email, click the link inside and it'll confirm your email address.

Getting "Automoderated"

Initially, your wiki account will be unable to immediately publish edits to our wiki. Your edits will instead go into a Moderation queue. This process keeps our wiki free of spam and vandalism.

To escape the moderation queue and become "automoderated":

  1. Make a single non-translation related edit to any page.
    • Your user page is a good choice, tell us who you are and what you do in Resonite.
  2. Wait for the Wiki Moderators to review the edit.
  3. They will then mark you as "automoderated".

This process may take up to 24 hours as our moderators only check the queue occassionally. So wait patiently after following the steps above.

If you have waited at least 24 hours or if your edit is urgent. You can ask for a moderator to "automoderate" you on our Discord!

Editing guidelines

Before you get started, here are some guidelines on editing the wiki to keep in mind.

Drafts/Reviews etc

  1. Just edit it! You don't need any special status, approval or permission to edit the wiki.
  2. Don't send us drafts or WIPs. Just edit away. We'll work on content as we go. :)
  3. Don't use Google Docs or Word to draft documentation. Writing directly in the wiki helps you to think like a wiki.
  4. Follow the principle of "progressive enhancement." Good -> Better -> Best


When writing for this wiki, there are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Use American English.
  • Link to other articles
    • Avoid using "Click here", "here" or "page" when linking, use natural linking such as:
  • Use headings to separate pages into sections, this helps readability
    • Start headings at the second level (== My heading ==) as the title of the page is already the first title
  • Make use of lists
  • Use tables for data or small amounts of text
  • Write proper sentences and use Wiki Style
    • No over capitalization
    • Write for the reader, don't use "I", use "we" and "you" instead
    • Do not start a page with "Hello guys, today we're gonna see what is X"
    • Avoid sentences in article names. "ProtoFlux" is better than "What is ProtoFlux" as the page "ProtoFlux" would contain what it is in the introduction
    • Avoid having an "Introduction" heading, the first paragraphs of the page are the introduction
    • Avoid using "Note" or "Please note", instead use the note template
  • Break content into Paragraphs. Huge walls of text are impossible to read

When in doubt, visit Wikipedia and see how articles are written.


Due to the ever changing nature of the wiki and its internationalization requirements, we'll need you to format things in a certain way.

You can find a quick guide to Wikitext formatting on the MediaWiki Formatting help page.

MediaWiki doesn't supports Markdown, please use Wikitext instead.
  • Avoid using ancient HTML tags:
    • Instead of <b> use '''.
    • Instead of <i> use ''.
    • Never use <div><p> for regular article text.
  • If you need a line break, add a literal line break.
  • Avoid starting a page with a heading which is a copy of the page name. The title of the page is the page name, not the first heading.
  • Be careful with your use of font modifiers such as bold and italics:
    • If everything is bold, then nothing is bold.
    • Refer to Wikipedia's Text Formatting guide for more information on bold and italics.
      • Here on the Resonite wiki, bold and italics are interchangeable for emphasis. This may change in the future.
    • Never, use <u> for emphasis. This can be confused as a link, within the web space.


  • Avoid manually setting color related properties on wiki pages. This can break the light/dark mode switcher for elements you touch.
  • Use the color variables defined in Mediawiki:Citizen.css
  • We're researching a way to use our Skin's color theming instead, which would make items work with light and dark mode and ensure consistency.


Wherever you can use actual SVG files for these. They allow users to update them at a later date more easily.

Page Descriptions

In search results, we use the Short Description extension to allow a page to show a small description in the search.

To add a description to a page use: {{SHORTDESC:<description>}}

Wikimedia search box with the description of the page highlighted.

Finding content to edit

The Resonite Wiki is a very fast moving environment as the community tries to keep up with various Resonite changes and updates. To that end, it can be unclear what needs to be edited or tweaked.


To help with this, we have a number of pages which list content that is in need of attention. These pages are called Stubs. You can find a list of stubs on these automatically generated pages:

Check these pages regularly for lists of pages that need help.

Components & Nodes

Resonite Users use a huge amount of ProtoFlux Nodes and Components to create in-game content. All of these need documentation!


Currently we do not have proper component/node templates. This will be updated once they are developed!

ProtoFlux Nodes

Check Category:ProtoFlux for a list of nodes. It resembles the in-game Node Browser. Any nodes could do with reviews, edits and updates but if you see a Node with a Red link, that means it is undocumented. Please feel free to type documentation for it!


We have a list of components on Category:Components which can have gaps or missing pages. If you find a component that is missing documentation please go ahead and add it.

Making Larger Changes

When making changes to the wiki, the general principle is to go right ahead. However, when making changes to larger pages such as the Main Page or pages which are edited, touched or translated frequently, please be careful. There are sometimes subtleties and nuances that need to be covered when editing these pages. Please double check in the Wiki channel of the Resonite Discord before you make such changes. The community there will say yes a lot of the time, but sometimes a discussion may be required.

Editing Help

The Resonite Wiki uses Media Wiki as its wiki engine, and MediaWiki has extensive documentation on how to edit Wiki pages.

Everyone can make a wiki account to contribute to existing pages and create new ones.


A Category is a way to categorize pages that follow a certain theme or topic. You can use them to group together these pages, as a category page will create a table of pages within its category. For more information on categories, please see Media Wiki's guide on categories. However, here are some specific Resonite Wiki items of guidance:

  • Category Pages can contain information and text. Use this to explain what the category is and what it does.
  • Subcategories can exist.
    • To Create one, put a Category page into another Category.
    • For example, Category:Animals, Could contain Category:Animals:Mammals.
    • To do this, make sure Category:Animals:Mammals is named exactly like that and then ensure it also has [[Category:Animals]] within it.
  • A page can be in more than one category.
  • Please try to avoid creating categories that have only one page within them.
    • Be careful when nesting categories. Members of a category should not also be a category themselves. Category:Vegetables is fine. However, Potato being its own category is NOT ok.


For translating information read Help:Translating.


We use the MediaWiki Cite Extension to enable you to cite parts of an article. To use this extension you can refer to MediaWiki Cite help page.

For some added guidance for this wiki specifically:

  • Citing is not mandatory but it is appreciated when suitable
  • Be careful when linking to transient sources. For example, Twitch Vods may become unavailable.
  • Examples of suitable sources:
    • Discord Messages
    • Youtube Videos
    • GitHub Issues
    • Social Media
    • Patch Notes etc.



Make sure your images are accessible. Our recommendations:

  1. Highlight relevant portions of the image with an image editor such as button pushes or input boxes the user should focus on
  2. Upload a large image, and use WikiText to shrink it down.
  3. Always specify a caption straight after the image name e.g. [[File:bunny.png|A photograph of a bunny]].
    • When the caption is the first item after the image name, it will be automatically placed in the HTML image tag's alt attribute.
    • If you need to make a separate alt-text from a caption, you can use the alt parameter.


See Help:Diagrams

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