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Facets are a modular system allowing you to customise the user interface of the Dash Menu amongst others.

Basic functionality

Facets are currently not editable in Desktop Mode. A GitHub issue is open to track the status of that feature.

UI Edit Mode

To be able to remove, move and place facets onto your Dash Menu, you will need to enable UI Edit Mode.

This can be done in the "User Interface" section of the settings.

Basic Facets

By default, the Dash Menu comes with a variety of facets in the home, worlds and settings tab.

You can find those default facets in the Resonite Essentials public folder.

Creating facets from settings

While having UI Edit Mode enabled, you can grab the six dots at the right of any setting to transform it into a facet you can place onto your Dash Menu or Facet Anchors.

Facet Anchors

Added in the version Beta 2024.5.28.94, facet anchors allow users to snap facets to their hands and forearms, to create quick shortcuts to certain settings and other facets.

When enabled in the User Interface section of the settings, facet anchors are can be toggled via the dash button on the controller of choice of the user (set in the same setting category).

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