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The Dash Menu (or Dashboard) is where many essential menus for interacting with Resonite can be found.

It can be opened by pushing the menu button on the controller.


Dashboard on the "Home" tab. The top bar shows a microphone level selection, the time, performance, sync status and a "leave world" button. The content of the dashboard is composed of facets listed below.

  • Login / Register
  • Avatar Creator
  • Camera / Streaming
  • Stream Audio
  • Create New World
  • Open Home
  • Online Status: Online, Away, Busy, Invisible
  • Allow custom nameplates / Use default nameplates
  • Nameplates: All / Nameplates: Non-contacts / Nameplates: Hide
  • Paste content from clipboard
  • Seated Mode: Off / Seated Mode: On
  • Freeform Dash: Off / Freeform Dash: On
  • Setup 2FA
  • Debug
  • Storage usage: --- of --- Storage Space Used
  • Cloud status: Good, Slow, Down, No Internet
  • Online user counter: 343 Online Users: 142 users in VR, 87 users in Desktop
  • Application version: Beta 2023.11.11.1231


Dashboad with the "worlds" tab selected, showing a grid view of all the worlds. The screen also having a search bar on the top and filters on the left.


Dashboard on the "Contacts" tab. It contains three columns: on the left the contacts list showing two accounts being offline, in the center a list of sessions for the selected contact and on the right, a chat window to the selected contact.

  • Search contacts... : Search for a user (registered as a contact or not) here
  • Resonite: Interact with the Resonite Bot by sending messages to this contact
  • My Account: See the state of your own account


Dashboard on the "inventory" tab, showing a single folder named "Resonite essentials". On the top of the page, multiple buttons described below are available.

  • Name of selected item: ---
  • Inventories: Switch between inventories if you have access to multiple ones (for example, group storage)
  • Share: Set a folder as shared if it's owned by you and create a physical link item
  • Unshare: Disable sharing on your own shared folder
  • Get URL: Copy the record URL of the selected item to your clipboard
  • Delete: Delete an item or folder; requires a second click for confirmation
  • Save Avatar: Save your current avatar in the current folder (the folder needs to be writeable to you)
  • Create Folder: Create a new folder; will ask for a folder name
  • Breadcrumbs: Current path; NONE in the image
  • Folder contents: The contents of the folder you're in; only has Resonite Essentials in the image



Dashboard on the "Session" tab with "Settings" selected at the top, showing two columns of settings described below.

  • World Name: Local
  • Maximum Users: 16
  • Mobile Friendly: (unchecked)
  • Get Session Orb
  • Get World Orb
  • Copy Session URL
  • Copy World URL
  • Copy Record URL
  • Description: (empty)
  • World Save Options:
    • Save Changes
    • Save As...
    • Save Copy...
  • Edit Mode: (unchecked)
  • Who can join this world?
    • Private (invite only)
    • LAN
    • Contacts
    • Contacts+
    • Registered Users
    • Anyone
    • Use Custom Join Verifier: (none)
  • Auto Kick AFK users: (checked)
  • Max AFK Minutes: 5
  • Don't show in session lists: (unchecked)
  • Autosave (will overwrite last save): (unchecked)
  • Autosave interval (minutes): 5
  • Cleanup Unused Assets: (checked)
  • Cleanup interval (seconds): 300


Dashboard on the "Session" tab with "Users" selected at the top, showing a list of all users in the session with action buttons described below.

  • Username and badges: Click to view the user on contacts tab
  • Volume slider: Set the volume of VoIP from this user
  • Mute: Locally mute the user
  • Jump: Teleport to the user
  • Respawn: Respawn the user
  • Silence: Globally mute the user*
  • Kick: Remove the user from the session*
  • Ban: Ban the user from the world* *You must have appropriate permissions within the session to use these


Dashboard on the "Session" tab with "Permissions" selected at the top, showing a grid of all roles and permissions, the default ones being described below.

  • Default Anonymous: Spectator
  • Default Visitor: Guest
  • Default Contact: Builder
  • Default Host: Admin
  • Permission Overrides: 0
  • Clear User Overrides
  • (username): Admin/Builder/Moderator/Guest/Spectator


Dashboard on the "Desktop" tab showing a view of the user's desktop.

(Window blanked out for privacy)

File Browser

Dashboard on the "Files" tab showing all the drives of the user's computer. At the top, buttons described below are available.

  • Name of selected item: ---
  • Top buttons: Import file with importer, Import file as file, Create Folder/Export file, Refresh folder
  • Breadcrumbs: Computer
  • Folder contents: C:\, D:\, G:\, M:\, N:\, Z:\


See settings.


Dashboard on the "Migrations" tab, showing a blank page withh the text "Looking to start a new migration? Click on the "New migration task" button in the top left." The top left has a "New Migration Task" button.

  • New Migration Task: Migrate from a platform this feature supports. Initially, "Durian" will be listed.


Dashboard on the "Exit" tab, showing two options to leave the game, as well as a thanks for a random sponsor and random Patreon supporters. On the very bottom, an exit message.

  • Exit & Save Homes: Quit the game while saving your local and cloud homes
  • Exit & Discard Homes: Quit the game without saving your local and cloud homes
  • Patreon shout-outs: Shows a subset of users who have subscribed to the Patreon
  • Exit message: Thank you for using Resonite!